Our design elves have been busy, and we have a lovely new chocolate bar to celebrate a wintery Welsh Christmas.   We’ve blended our favourite milk and dark chocolates to bring you our Darker Milk – 43% cocoa content – satisfyingly chocolatey.  We’ve added white cocoa butter snow flurries too – so each bar is unique and delicious.

Production is limited to 250 cases and, having started to preview the product a few days ago, sales are brisk!  They’re already on the website – but not ready to dispatch until next week.

The bars are adorned by a beautiful snowy image provided by Welsh artist Chris Neale.  More of his work can be found at www.chrisneale.com   We just love his work!

… and for those of you wondering – Nadolig Llawen is Welsh for “Merry Christmas” 

Tread Lightly with Coco Pzazz. Update.
Brexit Planning – when we have no idea what we’re planning for…

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