Doña Eduvina Urgilés

We at Coco Pzazz find joy in helping other entrepreneurs in their success. Doña Eduvina Urgilés is a smallholder farmer from Ecuador and has been selling cacao beans since 2001. She began by selling 5 sacks per month which has now increased to 15. While we don’t buy our chocolate directly from Doña, we buy from Callebaut who support and buy from farmers like Doña. For every pack of chocolate purchased, a part is reinvested in the farmers and their communities.

The sale of cacao beans helps Doña to support her family and give her son a good education. Therefore, when she reached out for a micro loan to buy new cacao plants to replace her plantation, we were more than happy to help.

With our help Doña will have been able to continue her venture. We wish her all the success!

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