Back in June we announced our “Tread Lightly” Programme – putting the environment at the heart of our business.  Well, I guess it’s time for an update.

  1. We have switched to a 100% renewable energy tariff.
  2. Our business waste is sorted and recycled by a specialist company and guaranteed not to end up in landfill.
  3. We’ve committed to evolve Coco Pzazz packaging to be 100% recyclable or compostable by 01.01.2020 .
  4. We’re undertaking a rewilding assessment at Coco Pzazz HQ to see what we can do to enhance biodiversity across the different environments.  Watch this space….
  5. Our support for Village by Village is starting to make a difference in Ghana.  Here’s a little “Thank you” from the village of Abenta.

At a time when climate change and environmental destruction are constantly in the news, we’re trying to make a difference wherever we can. (Here’s the political bit….) Governments aren’t going to fix this – they can’t agree on anything and they’re frightened of losing votes or upsetting wealthy donors and powerful industry lobby groups. This must start with people power 😊

Exciting news
Nadolig Llawen – Happy Christmas From Wales

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