Look out for the new additions to the Coco Pzazz family! Mochaccino (milk chocolate), Spiced Caramel (Milk chocolate) and Dark Chilli – Fiery Dragon (dark chocolate) – coming soon to a retailer near you….

People often ask how we go about developing new chocolate flavours. In fact we have a big board in the office and constantly update it with flavour suggestions that we either come up with ourselves or have suggested to us by Coco Pzazz fans that we meet at events – or who we know via Facebook. There are some pretty unlikely combos up there!

A few times a year we bring those flavours to life and try to transfer the ideas of the taste into chocolate. We collect a selection of extracts, oils, dried fruits, teas, spices… whatever we think will work and off we go.

Out of a typical session of 12 flavours, we usually like 6 enough to develop them further – and around half of these make it into the range. We take the short listed flavours on the road and to a selection of our stockists so that they can have their say too.

So – that’s how our new flavours came to life. We then commission artwork and design to adorn their packaging and off we go!

We hope that you enjoy tasting them as much as we enjoyed developing them!

Lori Whinn

Mini Packs - Great things in small packages...
Coco Pzazz gets DARKER!

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